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Seamlessly manage multimodal freight shipments

We challenge the status quo. Our constant innovation and technological development keep our customers ahead of the game, ensuring real-time access to quality data necessary to proactively manage their supply chains.

TradeNav is Santova’s cloud-based easy-to-use order management system, providing the latest in supply chain management application software. TradeNav assists in unlocking supply chain data, enabling visibility, transparency and accurate real-time tracking functionality. TradeNav is accessible via the Santova App, which offers live shipment tracking and progress alerts, electronic document distribution and live chat support.

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Supply Chain Advisory Services

End-to-end Supply Chain Optimisation

Our Supply Chain Advisory Services involve the design, implementation, coordination and monitoring of interdependent supply chain activities to optimise the entire supply chain. With our vast experience in the supply chain industry, we have gained significant insight into numerous global supply chains and are perfectly positioned to provide supply chain consulting services to our customers.

We assist customers with streamlining processes, increasing profit margins and creating a competitive advantage through the alignment of business strategy with supply chain optimisation. Our team of specialists analyse key operational and financial metrics, existing business operations and available resources, time and budget constraints in order to outline strategies to achieve effective and efficient business processes.

There numerous ways to optimise supply chains, however we typically focus on the below areas:

Mapping the Current Supply Chain

Identifying the companies, people, activities, information and resources involved in order to obtain an overview of the flow of products, information and funds through the current supply chain.

Client Sourcing and Procurement

Identifying and optimising the business processes required to purchase goods and services, which also includes the Make-Buy decision as well as supplier sourcing, engagement and contracting agreements.

Inventory Management

Inventory management involves finding the meticulous balance between inventory being considered an asset rather than a cost. The team at Santova assists in keeping total landed cost at a minimum by designing and implementing various cost-saving strategic strategies, such as DDMRP and just in time (JIT) inventory.

Transportation & Freight Management

Identifying and optimising the delivery of goods to customers in the most cost-efficient way, whether that be by air, ocean, road, rail or pipeline.

Sophisticated Technologies and Software Packages

In this constantly changing and advancing global environment, the use of relevant and sophisticated software is vital for efficiency, effectiveness and automation of our customer’s activities.

Team Dynamics

Identifying ways to enhance internal staff productivity and processes, advise on external relations through supplier best practice and ensure a delighted customer to establish brand loyalty.


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