Effective and Seamless
Sourcing and Procurement of
Products and Services globally

Working with customers to source and procure at the best
possible cost to meet quality, quantity, time and location requirements

Client Sourcing and Procurement

Access to global supplier and product sourcing and validation, reducing cost and ensuring reliability

At the request of our customer, we will assist in the sourcing of goods, services or works from an external source. We focus on the procurement process – ensuring efficiencies and cost-effective procurement solutions to ensure client procurement at the best possible cost whilst respecting the needs of quality, quantity, time and location.

The Procurement Process involves:


Client Needs Analysis

Santova works closely with customers for a thorough understanding of the product or service required.


Procurement Plan Defined

Development of an overall strategy, procurement plan, product specification and additional tender documentation, if required.


Supplier Identification

Sourcing, identification and verification of single or multiple suppliers, local or global, dependent on requirements.


Supplier Communication and Quality Assessment

The process of requesting multiple quotations, reference checking and arranging samples for quality checking.


Supplier and Contract Negotiation

Negotiations on price, availability, customisation, delivery schedules and contracts.


Supplier Management and Quality Control

Ensuring full quality control mechanisms are implemented at source and adhering to and maintaining standard operating procedures on a continuous basis.


If you have any questions about our international freight products please get in touch and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.